Harness clean energy

I wish to express my point of view about this whole ordeal about the wind turbines for the Seneca County area that I have been reading in the letters to the editor. So, I am not sure why the citizens of Seneca County area upset in using an alternative, clean-air substitute. Let’s use mother nature’s sources to help us make a cleaner world! These citizens against need to stop protesting about this useful project and let it begin.

Recently, there was a letter from Jim Hoffert expressing his views about the surrounding landowners and the location of the turbines. I have one thing to say about Mr. Hoffert’s point of view: How can he show disrespect to his kin? He has lost my respect as well. The citizens who are against this issue need to put this to rest because fighting the county is not going to work. In thought if we can recall in 2012 the day our beloved courthouse was destroyed due to the fact of the county decision. The commissioner’s have decided for us so, deal with it.

Paul Pospisil, Tiffin