Be patient with hearing loss

Dear Annie: I am writing to remind those who have good hearing to show some sensitivity to those of us who do not. I wear hearing aids and try to be courteous if I don’t hear something that is said to me by politely asking for it to be repeated. Quite often, the response is, “Aren’t you wearing your hearing aids?” And it is spoken irritably (particularly by my husband). This comment is hurtful and usually results in my withdrawing from the conversation. Yes, I am wearing my hearing aids. I have them serviced regularly, and they are the best ones I can afford. So please, think about how your words affect others. Hearing loss is difficult enough. Please don’t make it worse for us by being rude. — Sad Senior,

Age 70

Dear Sad Senior: Sometimes our patience is shortest with those whom we’ve known the longest. That doesn’t make it OK for your husband to snap at you, however.

Let him know how it makes you feel when he immediately asks whether you’re wearing your hearing aids anytime you ask him to repeat something. Let’s hope he’ll make an effort to be more patient and compassionate — something we could all stand to do.

Thank you for writing.

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