Library notes: So many to thank for library’s foundation speaker series

Ultimately, a quality community rests on the bedrock of civic-minded individuals acting for the common good. In the 1990’s, a group of such individuals, led by the late Phil Stevens, decided to start the Tiffin-Seneca Library Foundation. The foundation’s purpose was to help Tiffin-Seneca Public Library fund purchases and programming that would enhance library services and quality of life for everyone in our community. Throughout the years, many others have contributed to the library foundation through annual gifts as well as their estates.

The library foundation has put those gifts to use in many ways. Some things, such as the purchase of a security camera system for the library in 2014, were important but relatively unknown to the public. Other contributions, such as being a significant supporter of our Community Read program series, have been very public indeed.

This year, the Tiffin-Seneca Library Foundation has done it again.

If you have been in the library recently, you may have seen a very large sign near our Information Desk promoting an upcoming visit by Rudy Ruettiger. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because he was the inspiration behind the classic 1993 football movie, “Rudy.” On Oct. 25, Mr. Ruettiger will be speaking at Tiffin Columbian auditorium about his life and how he came to a moment when, in 27 seconds on the field, he made gridiron history.

Without the Tiffin-Seneca Library Foundation’s support, the event would simply not be happening. Late last year, the foundation agreed to fund a new annual event to be known as the “Foundation Speakers Series.” The idea was to bring a single noteworthy author, artist or public figure to speak to and engage with the community. The timing will vary, but the speaker event will take place in a different season than our popular Community Read events. My hope is that the series will be an excellent addition to the cultural offerings already available to citizens of Tiffin and Seneca County. I’m grateful. It’s an opportunity many libraries will never have.

In the case of Mr. Ruettiger’s visit, we also were fortunate to be able to partner with Tiffin University. By working together, we were able to maximize our cost efficiencies. Hopefully, other community partnerships will be possible in the future.

All of this is to say that when you see the great events that happen around Tiffin, please remember it’s often those civic-minded individuals I mentioned — possibly you, possibly your friends, your family, or the family next door — that make them happen. Neighbors helping neighbors, building community daily, for the common good.