This Week In Bowling — The oldsters are switching gears in many ways

Ed Wise sends me the scores from the Allen Eiry Seniors bowling league faithfully every week. He informed that this week would be their last for the season. If you are not familiar with these folks, you might think that they don’t bowl all that well. Looking at their scores could give you that opinion.

You see, they bowl just two games on Wednesday afternoon at Heritage Lanes. So if you see a total score of 350; that translates to a 175 average. Now, you may feel like they can only throw two games at their advanced age, but you might want to know that many of the guys return to action on Wednesday evening for three more games at the K of C Lanes in the 55 Plus League.

They may be old, but they still have game!

Now it is true that they are the first league to call it quits, but it’s not for being tired. Many of them will be hitting the links soon. That is, if we can get Mother Nature to cooperate. Include me among the many who are ready for warm weather.

Back to Ed. He informed me that he made a mistake last week when he sent me the scores. The high game for the day actually belonged to Jim Donaldson as he rolled a 201. He also informed me that Glenda Franklin had a duplicate with games of 79.

Thanks, Ed, for sending me the info. As the oldsters (yes, I am aware that I’m in their age group) switch to golf, I will wait patiently for your emails next fall.

I have been following the fortunes of Rich Yates Jr. since the city tournament. I wrote about a possible letdown for bowlers following the tournament. That has not been the case for Richie. He has shot one 700 series after another throughout the month of March. This week was no exception as he fired a 701 in the Imperial-Majorette- Sportsman League.

Do you realize how difficult it is to shoot 700? If you shoot three consecutive 233 games you will fall one pin short. So to string 700 series is quite an accomplishment.

However, Richie did not lead his league with 701 this week. Actually he didn’t come close as top honors went to his dad. Rich Yates Sr. shot a sparkling 783. A couple of marks from the coveted 800 plateau, the elder Yates sent a message to his son that he still has game.

Again, let’s take a look at how difficult the 800 mark is to reach. Throw three consecutive 266 games and you come up two pins shy! Congrats to the oldster for his big night.

Junior’s streak is pretty cool, too. Will we see another one next week, Richie?

It was a little bittersweet for me this week as I attended the final meeting of the Tiffin Men’s Bowling Association. Many of the oldsters were there. The Wizard chaired the meeting as usual. Kizzy had his treasurer’s report. Long time association officers Ken Lofton and Ben Hoyda were in attendance.

The best part of the evening for me was to see John Brickner again. He has been a fixture at these meetings over the years, but so to health reasons, this was his first one for a while.

The Tiffin Men’s Bowling Association will no longer exist as USBC has mandated that each city will now have just one association that will include both male and female members.

It is a little sad since the separate associations have been around a lot longer than any of us oldsters. But times change and it is time to switch gears. An announcement will come soon calling for all Tiffin bowlers to attend that first joint meeting. It would be nice to see a good turnout and here’s a plea to the younger league bowlers in Tiffin.

Show up and put in your two cents worth. Don’t let the oldsters be the only ones to switch gears.

Imperial-Majorette-Sportsman: Rich Yates Sr. 783, Rich Yates Jr. 701, Brian Harrold 693, Ben Hoyda 682, Joe Lord 639, Aaron Kidwell 624, Chris Johnson 611, Bill Fleming 608, Deb Nominee 476, Tina Whitaker 456, Miriam Fankhauser 446 and Phyllis Riley 444.

Allen Eiry: Harry Smith 351 (202), Joanne Elchert 343 (191), Robin Brownell 302, Sally VanBuskirk 287, Bob Reinhart 285, Jim Donaldson 263, Ed Wise 260, Bill Steinmetz 257, Paul Fey 254, Dave Everhart 248 and Sandy Smith 246.

Rocket: Jason Ball 661, Tyson Shope 625, Tom Tiell 605, Rodney Ohms 576 and Mike Distel 576.

Alley Cats: Monica Musgrave 634, Justene Tarris 597, Wendy Krupp 568, Robyn Wight 505, Kathy Echelberry 504 and Yvonne Schock 504.

55 Plus: Jim Ruess 576 (200, 205), Dick Gabel 540, Jerry Gillig 535, Bob Reinhart 531, Mike Kimmet 491, Paul Gosche 474, Al Thomas 466, John Ferstler 457, Jim Ferstler 453, Jim Donaldson 446, Dave Everhart 446, Hank Collet 444, Jerry Coleman 388 and Paul Fey 355.

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