The very best bowling had to offer for the grueling 2013-14 season

To be sure, the league bowling season does last a long time. The typical season runs for around 30 weeks. Add in position nights and the roll off and we are going from Labor Day to the middle of April. Lose a week or two to holidays and the season gets extended.

This past season became even more grueling when Mother Nature decided she wanted to test our resolve. Bitter cold temperatures and record snowfall amounts meant some bowling nights were canceled. So here we are, near the middle of May, and the 2013-14 bowling season has finally come to an end.

For many bowlers it is hard to keep your concentration for so many weeks. Late-season excursions to the bowling alley are sometimes met with indifference. There is one exception, though. If your team makes the roll off, and has the chance to win the league, your interest level increases immeasurably. There is nothing quite like the championship roll off. When the winner is not determined until the last ball is thrown – well, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Many of the league roll offs did come down to the last bowler. I know of at least four leagues where the winning score was less than 10 pins. One bowler in one frame made the difference. That is exciting.

Here, then, are the winners of 2013-14. Congratulations to these league champions. They may receive trophies, perhaps jackets and definitely money. But for most bowlers it is the achievement itself that is most satisfying. For the next year you have bragging rights.

On this Mother’s Day let’s begin with the Alley Cats League. Steamer’s Sports Bar took the title and team members include Christine Smith, Jani Hartzell, Anne Laughlin, Bev Brown and Jeannette Lynch.

The champions of the Imperial-Majorette League were the One Armed Bandits. Team members were Mary Ruggerio, Pam Shock, Benji Hoyda, Deb Nominee and Ben Hoyda. In case you were wondering, that is only three more than I had this year or any year for that matter.

The champion of the Sportsman League was Tin Lizzy Collision. Bowling for the champs was Ron Yentzer, Phil Neikirk, Rich Yates Sr., Rich Yates Jr. and Ken Butturff Jr.

The Big 8 League crowned Anspach Electric as its champion. Team members include Dave Westbrook, Greg Anspach, Mark Ratliff, Scott Washburn and Dave Ross.

The only late shift league still bowling into the wee hours of the night is the Rocket League. The top team for this year was Bascom Elevator. Team members include Roger Coppus, Dave Hohman, Shawn Hoover, Shawn Coppus and Dave Coppus.

Sonoco took the title in the Twilight League. The champs consisted of Ryan Ladd, Steve Peer, Josh Aker, Don Young and Nick Bumb.

In results from the Grange League, Twin Cities took the top spot. Team members include Dan Depinet, Jane Morlock, Jere Morlock and Kerry Wertz.

Heritage Lanes was the winner of the Wednesday Morning League. Bowlers included Cheryl Radin-Norman, Aren Norman, Preston Elchert and Steve Norman.

F Troop won the crown as champion of the Sunday Night Rock N Roll League. Team members include J.J Meyer, Nathan Forwalder, David Forwalder and Steve Barnes.

I’d also like to give a shout out to the winner of the Railroad League at Dunn’s Lanes in Fostoria as this is where I throw the rock. Allegra Print and Imaging took the title in another roll off that was decided by less than one mark. Team members include Dan Kimble, Jerry Sams, Harold Craig, Steve Bomer, Steve Hastings and Chuck Snelling.

A few weeks ago I told you about some local bowlers that were bowling well in the Inter-City Tournament in Warren. I mentioned two guys from Sycamore were leading the doubles competition.

Turns out they won the event, so here are the scores for Sloan Rhoad and Cayce Smith. Rhoad shot games of 267-244-288 for a 799 series. Smith rolled games of 233-206-258 for a 687 series. Throw in their handicap and their total of 1,628 was the best of the tournament. That is some kind of shooting, fellas.

The curtain has finally dropped on the 2013-14 bowling season. The keglers will be back in action in September. Now, though, as the weather starts to cooperate, my focus turns to chasing the little white golf ball around the golf course. Though “chasing the ball around the course” is a phrase used to describe playing golf, if my first outing of the year is any indication, chasing is exactly what I will be doing. I did hit the ball into some peculiar spots!

See you next week with tales from the links.

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