Don’t be tricked by some players performances

One question I struggled with for a long time growing up was how old was too old to go Trick-or-Treating?

Is it junior high?

Is it high school?

Is it college?

I struggled with that question because, quite honestly, it was easy work and it was free candy.

Let me repeat that.

Free candy.

My first Halloween I went as a clown. Some would say I never grew out of that costume.

I went as a vampire.

In junior high, I went as Jose Canseco with my friend Kenny who went as fellow Bash Brother Mark McGwire. We only got candy but no juice and some strange looks from our homemade costumes.

In high school, I went dressed as a woman. Nevermind. Let’s pretend I didn’t mention that.

So in college, I met my best friend Steve. My fair friend has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which means he not only has brittle bones (and over 300 fractures in his life) but he’s not gifted in the height department, measuring only 3-9.

Since we were young freshmen, I convinced Steve to let me dress him up as an old bag lady and push him around in his wheelchair and I put on a skirt and top and for the third time in my life, dressed like a woman again to go work the streets for candy.

Across from our university was a great family neighborhood, so we went door-to-door trying to do our best to look like old eighth graders. Sure we got some looks but who is going to say no to the innocent “kid” in the wheelchair begging for candy? Not everyone shared our enthusiasm. We had one woman ask us, “Aren’t you a little old to be doing this?”

I told her I was just taking care of my little brother.

All total, we came home with enough candy to last until spring, a beer (which didn’t last the night) and some solid memories in our final night of trick-or-treating.

For this week’s fantasy column, we’re going to look at some guys who might be tricks or treats the remainder of the year.

Michael Vick has been a little of both this year. When he’s been healthy, he’s been quite the treat but last week he tricked owners into thinking he was healthy. It sounds as if he’s not going to be out as long as last time. And with the way Nick Foles was playing in his absence, it was not guaranteed he was going to keep his job. If I’m a Vick owner, I’m making the move to pick up Foles, jettisoning Vick to the waiver wire. Let someone else play the trick-or-treat game with him. Assessment: Vick = Trick. Foles = Treat.

Andre Brown. Remember him? The Giants sure wish they had him earlier this year. He’s eligible to come off the short-term IR and given the Giants merry-go-round of running backs this year, he might be the horse you want to hop on. The most recent popular horse is everyone’s favorite former Brown: Peyton Hillis. In the last two weeks, Hillis has rushed for 106 yards on 39 carries and a score. While that’s pedestrian, he’s been effective in the pass game, making eight catches for 60 yards. Once Brown is back in game shape, he’s the back I want in the Giants backfield. Assessment: Hillis = Trick. Brown = Treat.

Marvin Jones is pretty hard to ignore, but I think owners need to temper their expectations a bit. While clearly the four scores in one game is not sustainable, some large margin of the catches and yards is (eight grabs for 122). He’s score in each of the last three weeks and it corresponds with an increase in targets as well. He’ll still be second fiddle to A.J. Green but the development of Andy Dalton as a quarterback has correlated with having a solid second receiver. Assessment: Jones = Treat.

Which leads me to the next guy: Dalton. He’s been absolute money the last three weeks, outscoring every other fantasy quarterback out there. He’s compiled over a 1,000 yards, tossed 11 TDs and only two picks. It’s no aberration either. He’s now on the same level as Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers and Cam Newton as far as fantasy production, which means he’s a top 10 fantasy QB. Assessment: Dalton = Treat.

If you’re looking for a bye week fill-in at tight end, you could do a lot worse than Delanie Walker. He’s nothing fancy, averaging about four catches a game and about a TD every other game. If you lost Finley or need a guy to plug in for a week or two, Walker’s a solid pickup. Assessment: Walker = Treat, but kind of like getting a tooth brush in your bucket.

However there are a lot better options to pick up than Mike James. He’s been the fill-in for Doug Martin since the Tampa running back went down with an ominous 2-8 injury. Martin is appearing that he might be returning to coming back sooner to the two than the eight. So James is really only worth picking up if you are in dire straits for a back. Assessment: James = Trick.

With that, I need to go get ready for Upper Sandusky’s Halloween parade downtown tonight at 6 p.m. I need a costume to walk along with my daughter.

Hmm, I wonder what my wife has in her closet.

Aaron Korte is the A-T’s fantasy football writer.

He can be reached at:

or @KorteClarkKent.