Fostoria’s Hyde drafted by Green Bay

FOSTORIA – Apologies are extended to the golfers enjoying an afternoon on the course Saturday at Fostoria Country Club. Those whoops of joy coming from around the 12th hole certainly bent the rules of etiquette, and they didn’t even come from making a great shot.

But when the NFL comes calling in the form of the Green Bay Packers, containing the news and joy can be a lost cause.

Much like remembering to grab your golf clubs and golf balls.

“I’m surprised we got on the carts. We were running around. We probably could have run back to our car,” said Micah Hyde, who became the 159th overall pick when the Packers selected him in the fifth round Saturday in the NFL draft. “There’s golf clubs, golf balls out there.

“All my buddies were at different holes and I got a call. I talked to the GM, head coach, secondary coach and a couple other people,” Hyde said. “After that I hung up the phone and I think we made everyone on the golf course really mad because they had no idea what was going on. We disrupted all 18 holes. There was a lot of yelling.”

That started even before the phone call was answered.

Theo Grine was one of a handful of lifelong friends on the course with Hyde when the phone rang.

A quick look down told him all he needed to know, and share.

“It was crazy. I was the one who saw the phone call; it said ‘Green Bay, Wisconsin’ [on caller ID],” Grine said later at the home Hyde’s mother. “I had seen on [on my phone] that Green Bay was the next one up, so when I saw Green Bay calling him, I was kind of shocked.

“I kind of jumped back and yelled ‘Green Bay!’ Micah answered it and I was kind of, didn’t know what to say for a second, and then I told everyone one of my best friends got drafted by an NFL team,” he said.

The yelling wasn’t restricted to the golf course.

Across town his mother, Pam Moore, was jolted out of a near nap when she spied her son’s name crawling across the bottom of her TV screen.

“It hadn’t been announced,” she said. “I just saw his name on the TV, and I was just screaming and somehow I must have called Micah, but I hung up on him. So I’m screaming through the house and Jada’s (daughter) sleeping, then my phone started blowing up and I finally got to talk to him.”

The selection was the latest step in Hyde’s football path, which dates back to his boyhood days in Fostoria.

He shined as a two-way, four-year starter for the Redmen before heading to the University of Iowa.

One of only three true freshman to see action in 2009, Hyde played in all 13 games that first season with the Hawkeyes.

A starting cornerback job was his as a sophomore, a season that ended with him being named the Insight Bowl’s defensive player of the game after he returned an interception 72 yards for a TD in the fourth quarter to give Iowa a 27-24 win over Missouri.

Hyde continued to stand out in the secondary, finishing his career with 240 tackles and eight interceptions, seeing time at both corner and safety as a junior. He also capped his college career by being named the Big Ten’s defensive back of the year and Iowa’s defensive MVP while earning an invite to the East West Shrine game.

Now it’s on to the NFL.

The Green Bay Packers.

Lambeau Field.


Often compared to the atmosphere of a college stadium and a college town, Hyde said Iowa fans and Kinnick Stadium gave him great preparation for what to expect in Green Bay.

He also said he can’t wait for the chance to compete for a Packers jersey.

“The environment in Iowa City is nuts. The fans, they’re crazy. They’re right on top of you and that translates right to Lambeau Field,” he said. “The fans there are crazy and they’re right on top of you. They’re the best fans in the NFL, and I think the Hawks’ fans are the best fans in college football, too, so it goes hand in hand.”

Hopefully better than a golf club.