Youth will be served ? just not this week at Heritage Bowling Center

You couldn’t get the smile off her face. Or anyone else’s, for that matter. Anne Laughlin had just completed six grueling games of bowling. The first three were in the doubles format. The next set allowed her to post a singles score.

Oh, what a score it was.

Anne shot a sizzling 694 series to take the singles title in the 72ndAnnual Tiffin Women’s Bowling Association City Tournament. The younger bowlers will have to wait until next year to be served and that includes every other competitor in the tourney. You see, Anne Laughlin is a robust 93 years of age!

The age factor alone would make one smile. However, if you don’t know Anne, she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Do something good on the lanes ? throw a turkey, convert a difficult split ? and Anne will be the first to congratulate you. Now you know why we were all smiling.

In addition to winning the singles title, Anne was a member of the winning team, placed sixth in doubles and came within four pins of capturing the all-events handicap championship. Make no mistake ? Anne Laughlin was the star of this year’s tournament.

Let’s take a look at the results.

Team: First Place Steamer’s Sports Bar (3,091). Christine Smith, Judy Legron, Anne Laughlin, Bev Brown, Jani Hartzell.

Second Smut’s Pro Shop (3,022).

Third American Legion (2,953).

Fourth Heritage Family Center (2,915).

Fifth K & E Tap Cleaning (2,880).

Singles: First Place Anne Laughlin (694)

Second Brenda Altom (689).

Third Robyn Wight (671).

Fourth Heather Butler (667).

Fifth Donna Schriner (636).

Doubles: First Place Bobbie Tidswell/Robin Dickman (1,214).

Second Donna Schriner/Terri Renninger (1,205).

Third Heather Butler/Jan Houk (1,191).

Fourth Kim Weaver/Vicki Noller (1,187).

Fifth Carla Siebenaller/Pat Cook (1,185).

Robin Dickman won the all-events actual title with a 1,650 total. She was followed by Pat Cook, Carla Siebenaller, Jan Houk and Nita Doran. Brenda Altom took the all-events handicap crown with a 1,864 total. She was followed by Anne Laughlin, Christine Smith, Heather Butler and Jani Hartzell.

The high game of the tournament was shot by Robyn Wight with 220 and the top series went to Robin Dickman with 593. Awards will be handed out at the association meeting to be held at 7 p.m. March 6 at Heritage Family Center.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the house, the male bowlers were chalking up one big score after another in the 83rdAnnual Tiffin Men’s Bowling Association City Tournament. The high game and high series came on the last night as Jack Book had the crowd buzzing. He threw the first eight in game one, finishing with a 269 game. That was a prelude to his final game, when he fired the first 11 strikes. Only a stubborn seven-pin stood on his last ball. The 299 game and 780 series were the best efforts during a week when several great games and series were recorded.

To give you an indication of the scoring barrage, no fewer than seven bowlers broke the 2,000 pin plateau for all-events. That included the all-events actual champ Rich Yates Jr., who posted a 2,177 total. Steve Steinmetz Jr. shot 2,094 and he was followed by Gary Golden (2,057), Chris King (2,029), Tyson Shope (2,019), Tim Sturgill (2,016) and Brian King (2,002).

The team champion was Knuckle Deep Inc., which shot a huge 3,551 total. Team members included Dave Ross 714, Greg Anspach 637, Mark Ratliff 659, Scott Washburn 700 and Book 628. Off Constantly (3,479) place second as Rich Yates Jr. shot 745, Rich Yates Sr. 704, Jim Hershberger 630, Ken Bauman 619 and Chris King 661.

Third went to Amvets, shooting 3,226, while Gutter Cleaner’s placed fourth at 3,223 and Bookie’s fifth with 3,222.

Gary Golden placed first in singles competition, as he shot 787 (751 actual) to take top honors. Steve Steinmetz Jr. was second with 757. The rest of the top five included Tim Bollenbacher’s 725, Steve Norman 721 and Dave Coppus 713.

Tim Bollenbacher (681) and Gary Golden (688) combined to win the doubles title with 1,465. Second went to the team of Paul Landers Sr. and Tim Sturgill at 1,347. The rest of the top five included Ron Mellot/Ken Lofton with 1,361, Mike Kimmet/Mike Kisabeth with 1,354 and Rustan Burks/Chris Rhodes with 1,350.

These scores are unofficial. The final results will be reported in a future edition of the A-T once scores have been rechecked.

So the curtain falls on another successful city bowling tournament. I would like to thank Jeff, Pam, Tyson, Yaz and the other employees of Heritage Family Center for hosting the event. Their cooperation and support of the tournament is greatly appreciated.

I would also like to recognize the association officers who organize and supervise the tournament itself. It is always fun to spend time with Peg, Jan, Angie, Heather, the Wizard, Steve Jr., Kizzy, Dick and John. The week is long, but it’s always a pleasure to be with quality people.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t pass along the quote of the week. It came from, who else, Anne Laughlin. After her singles score was posted on the wall, she came over to me and a fellow association officer and smilingly made this comment.

“If I could jump, I would click my heels together.”

That’s how proud and happy she was with her effort. Congratulations Anne. Now you know how we feel about you.

Al Stephenson is The A-T’s bowling columnist

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