Has Kaepernick Been Blackballed?

The NFL season is about to get underway and one free agent quarterback is still waiting for a phone call. A couple of teams have seen their starting QB’s suffer injuries, yet Colin Kaepernick’s phone has yet to ring. Many people believe that he has been blackballed by the NFL for his actions last season. For those of you who are not aware (seriously there could be someone, though I doubt they would be reading this) Kaepernick decided to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem to protest social injustice in this country. That did not sit well with a lot of people and some feel that because of his stance he will never get a call.

So here is my take. I do not believe he has been blackballed. Now hear me out. To me blackballed means that one of two things happened. The commissioner’s office told teams not to sign him or the owners have discussed the situation and decided that none of them will bring him in. To me that is the definition of being blackballed and I don’t believe that has happened.

It is hard for me to believe that Roger Goodell would have the audacity to tell millionaire owners that they should not sign some one. I do believe the owners have discussed the situation amongst themselves, but again one millionaire telling another how to spend his money is a little far fetched. So no collusion here.

So how do I explain the following: recently retired Jay Cutler was coaxed out of his new broadcast job to sign with the Dolphins. Cutler has never been very well liked by teammates and his numbers are no better than Kaepernick’s. Luke McCown a journeyman backup was signed by the Cowboys. His numbers don’t come close to Kaepernick’s, but he is on an NFL roster and Kap is not. So how do I explain it if not because Kaepernick has been blackballed.

Well there may be some financial reasons. Maybe Jerry Jones would have to pay more money to sign Kaepernick instead of McCown. He only has so much money. (my tongue is firmly entrenched in my cheek folks) Seriously here is the deal. Kaepernick has some talent. Certainly not Hall of Fame talent, but more than several backup quarterbacks in the league. BUT is he worth the trouble.

I was one of the few people that was not totally offended by Kaepernick’s actions. There is social injustice in this country. Speaking out about it takes guts. Do I wish he would have used a different platform? Of course I do, but I respect his decision. Most people feel that by kneeling for the National Anthem he is unpatriotic and unappreciative of our military personnel. They therefore do not like him and would not only not root for him if he played for their team, they would probably boo him. Does an owner want that to happen in his own stadium?

The view from my seat suggests that Colin Kaepernick created the situation he’s in. The easy thing for teams to do is ignore him, just as the easy thing for Kaepernick to do would have been to ignore social injustice. He chose the more difficult path and if a team gets desperate enough, perhaps they will do the same. Stay tuned.