A Wild Cleveland Sports Week

All three major sports franchises in Cleveland were in the news this week. Whether it was for good or bad may well depend on your viewpoint. For better or worse, let’s take a look.

Starting with the least important sport (at least to me) the Cleveland Cavaliers made a trade this week. Kyrie Irving, the All Star point guard told the Cavs he wanted out and they honored his request. Why he wanted out is of interest to me. Did he want to get out from under the shadow of LeBron James? Did he not want to be in Cleveland if LeBron walks away after next season? Either way, it’s not good.

I will likely follow (from a respectful distance) the fortunes of the Cavs this year if for no other reason than with King James – regardless of who suits up and takes the floor with him – they have a chance to be champions. If, as I suspect, the Prodigal Son walks away AGAIN, then I can stop watching the NBA altogether!

The Browns have named their starting quarterback for exhibition game #3 and it’s DeShone Kizer. Normally the starter in this game gets the nod in the season opener so we can add Kizer’s name to that laundry list of QB’s to pilot the Browns since their return. Will he stay healthy? Will he be any good? History does not look favorably on either of those hopes, but GEEZ, shouldn’t the Browns get lucky sometime?!?

The Indians spent most of this week adding players to the disabled list. I thought they got to game 7 of the World Series last year with smoke and mirrors, but this year is crazy. The disabled list includes two starting pitchers (Salazar and Tomlin), perhaps their most important relief pitcher (Miller), their starting 2B (Kipnis), starting left fielder (Brantley) and starting right fielder (Chisenhall). Add starting 1B Carlos Santana (day to day with lower back issues) and yes, there is cause for concern.

The view from my seat suggests that the Indians will fight through their adversity and be in the playoffs. The Browns will likely continue in their misery and I really could care less about the Cavs. That may be heresy to many Cleveland fans, but the NBA has turned me off.