Now You Can Root For The Underdog

If you are like me, your NCAA Men’s Basketball brackets have already been busted. I did manage to go 26-6 in the first round and 10-6 in the second round. Since I didn’t actually enter any pool the fact that I am not doing that well doesn’t really matter. What it does mean is that I can start rooting for the underdogs.

Truth be known I have already pulled for the little guy trying to pull that one in a million upset. It is easier to do so when you don’t have any financial reasons for wanting the favorite to pull out a close one. This year I did not look at the seeds before selecting my brackets. The traditional 12-5 upsets were lacking – though I did get the only one to happen – but the 11 seeds won three of four matchups with the six seeds.

Although there are no Valpo’s or Belmont’s among the underdogs left, there are a couple of teams that have garnered my attention. How can you not root for the Michigan Wolverines after their airplane scare before the Big 10 tournament? There run may soon be over, but the incident put the whole concept of playing basketball in perspective.

Another team you might want to root for is South Carolina. They are in the Sweet 16 for the first time in school history. They also knocked off Duke, which will make nearly everyone but Blue Devil fans smile.

The view from my seat suggests that there is more great basketball action ahead of us. Any team left in the tournament can emerge as champion. For your information I picked North Carolina. I also just finished watching UCONN’s women play. I suppose they can be beaten, but good luck to the other teams. If they lose it WILL be to an underdog!