Come On Fans

I will freely admit that I am a sports fan. I like many different sports. I attend some games in person, but watch many more events on TV. I get unhappy at times with a team’s performance and – like many others – the officiating. I have never booed an official however, and I certainly have never threatened one. I am aware of how difficult it is to officiate sporting events. The story that comes out of the Kentucky/North Carolina NCAA men’s basketball game though prompts me to write this piece.

It would seem that some Kentucky fans are a little upset that their Wildcats are not heading to the Final Four. A few of them believe that the officials – in particular John Higgins – are to blame. The “zebras” apparently called way too many fouls on UK and not nearly enough on UNC. The fans felt the officiating was one sided. Higgins, who will work a game at the Final Four, has received death threats.

Now I can’t imagine how anyone would believe that threatening a person’s life is legitimate, but somehow hiding behind a computer to do so seems to be all right. Come on fans. This type of behavior is never “all right” and if caught you should be held accountable. It amazes me that anyone would take a game so seriously that they would resort to death threats. If I had to guess, I would say these fans have never tried to officiate a basketball game.

The view from my seat suggests that fans need to have a reality check. Root for your team. If they win you can celebrate. If they lose, well so be it. Move on and quit trying to place the blame on others. Whatever you do, don’t threaten someone!

By the way. The officials called 19 fouls on Kentucky. I guess it was one sided as they only called 18 on North Carolina!