Pay attention — we’ll be shuffling content in daily editions

We plan a few changes for The Advertiser-Tribune, beginning with the Oct. 15 edition.

That’s when the PeopleClips and Community pages will move to the Sunday Lifestyle section. Those pages — PeopleClips hosts reports from social service organizations and the Community page is where you’ll find news about events and other announcements — will be right at home in the Lifestyle section.

The Sunday horoscope will move to page 2C, next to the Sunday evening TV schedule. PeopleClips will be on page 3C, and 4C will be the Community page. Information from both pages likely will continue on page 5C.

Page 6C still will be Just for Kids, and anniversaries, engagements and weddings still will be found on page 7C. The Amish Cook feature and the column on antiques by Terry Kovel will move to 7C and, if space requires, 8C.

Changes will involve the weekday A section, too. Next week, movie reviews will be published in the Friday morning edition. Those reviews have anchored page 3C in the Sunday edition for years, but increasingly, The Associated Press critiques movies that open before that edition is published, instead of the following week. This change will provide moviegoers with useful information before deciding which release to see at the cinema.

Other entertainment-related news and features that had been on page 3C will populate our A-section pages earlier in the week. For example, the biweekly library column that had been published on 3C will move to page 5A on Mondays.

Also note the deadline for items for the PeopleClips and Community pages is every Monday. Anything submitted later in the week might not be published the following Sunday.

More importantly, moving PeopleClips and the Community page to the Lifestyle section will allow more room for news in the Sunday A-section.