Commissioner Stacy’s job is to represent residents

When we read Commissioner Stacy’s editorial from November 20, two words stood out boldly to us…I feel. She stated, “It has been worth it to do what I feel is right for the people of Seneca County.”

Commissioner Stacy was not elected to do what she feels. She is being paid by tax dollars from Seneca County citizens to represent the people of the county. It is not representation when she votes for what she feels. Commissioner Stacy should attend meetings on both sides of an issue, with an open mind, and sincerely listen and educate herself. Then she is to represent the people of the County which may differ from her own feelings. We want to express thanks to Commissioner Kerschner for serving the people by listening to both sides and representing the people. We think the large number of votes he received in the recent election speaks clearly that he is doing the right thing according to Seneca County voters. Commissioner Stacy and Commissioner Thomas should take note.

I recommend checking out and read the report of a failed wind turbine blade near Port Hope, Michigan, Nov. 29. Also, www. explains how the government uses levelized cost of energy as a measuring stick to determine energy sources with one major flaw… They assume all power plants (wind, coal, natural gas and nuclear) have a 30-year payback period. When you factor in that wind farms only last 20-25 years (see report on Nov. 26 of decommissioned 20 year wind farm in Kewaunee, Wisconsin) That makes it appear competitive to other sources yet coal and natural gas plants can run 50 years.

So, in closing, we encourage our Seneca County Commissioners to attend all meetings for and against the issue to listen, learn and ask questions and represent the majority, not their own personal opinion, if they sincerely care about the future of Seneca County.

Rick and Dorothy