Unintended consequences

I attended the Seneca County commissioner’s meeting Tuesday and read the following statement:

I am really disappointed to see the commissioners continue to ignore how devastating the wind turbine debate has been in our rural communities. The debate has turned neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend and even has come between family members. The debate is heartbreaking and is ripping out the hearts of our citizens.

You continue to keep the AEZ (alternative energy zone) in place that will only bring more anxiety and strife to the county. You already have your two projects approved for the PILOT, why not stop the problem from continuing to grow? Isn’t 143 turbines enough?

Have you considered the potential fallout of these actions? My wife and I have supported every school levy, every fire/EMS levy and every mental health levy whenever they were put on a ballot. Given how the wind projects have been shoved down my throat and how I will be forced to live with the turbines dominating my area for the rest of my life, I can promise you that I will not support any future levies. I predict that I will not be the only one with this view and suspect that thousands of other voters will have the same reaction. Have you considered these consequences? Since you decided not to take action to preserve our property rights and quality of life, our only recourse is at the polls.

You consistently use the school funding from the PILOT taxes as the primary justification for the wind projects therefore when the schools need money in the future and they don’t get voter support as far as I am concerned, they can go ask the wind developers and the commissioners for the money they need.

These projects are going to negatively affect our county for decades to come and this will go down in history as your legacy.

Greg Smith,