Windmills inobtrusive

At the risk of repeating myself, I’m driven to again speak in favor of wind turbines. After being on vacation for a few weeks, I was once again driving to Mansfield for my one day a week job. Won’t mention the name of the village I drive through on SR 100 as I drive down to get on US 30. In the two weeks I was away, I can’t believe the increase in the number of signs along the road in said village stating “Stop the Wind Turbines.” Come on! Do you never drive the short distance to Tiffin and notice the giant power lines everywhere? Transformer towers and wires here, there and everywhere. Unsightly wires crossing the road everywhere you look. Way more obtrusive than a white windmill in the distance. Not to mention the tearing up of roads and fields, which still is in progress with the pipeline.

To not appreciate the upside of wind turbines is an antiquated mind set. The future is about sustainable, economical ideas to carry us to the future. I’ve said it before. Coal is a dying way to get our energy. Generations of my family have been coal miners and they know what they’re talking about. Take a drive on US 30 toward Indiana. On one side of US 30 in Ohio, there are a few miles of fields that have hundreds of wind turbines and it’s pretty cool looking. After all, what else do you do with flat, empty fields that I like to call the start of the Great Plains. Northwestern Ohio is not the most picturesque part of this state, anyway.

(State Rep.) Bill Reinike’s change to a stance that now condemns the wind turbines is very close-minded thinking and is a hindrance to progress. Pretty sure he’s hoping for some votes for him in the next election.

And as I see all the signs in the small village as I drive through, I just have to say your banality always gives me a little laugh.

Debbie Woods,