Try a little forgiveness

Try a little forgiveness

A simple solution to a complex problem is called forgiveness.

Some years ago, back in the middle 1950s, I knew two men who were good friends with each other and two of the nicest guys I had ever known. Since they enjoyed fishing together, why not buy a good boat together? So, they did!

They had some good times and enjoyed their boat along with each other’s company. I remember the day they took me fishing at Lake Erie and what an enjoyable day I had with them. A fun day it was for all of us.

It was plain to see how much they enjoyed each other’s company and apparent that their joint venture with the boat was working very well indeed — well, for awhile.

But then things changed dramatically and they became very bitter with each other. Neither one had anything to do with the other or with their boat. The boat sat out in the open for several months by itself. It finally got sold.

To my knowledge, no one ever knew exactly what happened except for the fact that some words were used by each one or both them and they were insults to the two men and unforgivable that had been a total insult to the other which were said to be very insulting and unforgivable. And to the best on my knowledge, it never has changed.

I’m sure most of you will agree this is a sad story, and what makes it more so is the fact there are so many stories similar to this one — perhaps not to that degree, but they are out there.

This happened about 75 years ago, so why do I bring it up now? Well, I’ll tell you what caught my attention and it’s one of those special days that will be coming up. It’s one of those days which I think is important enough for serious thought. Serious enough that it will give us all something to think about such as about how to incorporate forgiveness into our life and the family conflicts it could heal.

Now is it really that important? Or is this just an attempt for me to come up with a good story? I’ll put it this way. If with all the problems we are having or have ever have had in our society, you are thinking that this is not important, then you will be wasting your time reading this. You may be just as well off by reading the sports news.

Or better yet, consider this from “Conflicts in our families, our communities and between nations. Most conflicts begin because one person or group feels they have been wronged by another person or group. Forgiveness is one of the most important first steps to ending conflicts in our families, our communities and between nations.”

Perhaps the preceding statement from that website will cause us to think about it so as to re-evaluate ourselves and ask some questions, such as, “Do I need to improve on this?” If I feel that the answer is “yes,” then I have some work to do and I’m not getting any younger, so now would be a good time to start.

Please do not misunderstand me, as I am not suggesting that many of us could have somewhat of a problem with this. I am just suggesting it is important enough or all of us, including myself, to think about.


Frank SanGregory,