Stop gender bullying

My name is Phylicia Mesna, I’m a senior at Columbian High School. In our government class we’re doing a project and I choose to write this letter. I’m writing this letter about a current issue: gender identity. Gender identity is someone’s personal experience of their gender. People are bashing one another for being someone that they want to be. In my opinion, I believe you can be what and whoever you want to be. They should be able to use the same bathrooms as the sex they want to be. Some people aren’t comfortable in their own bodies and are born in a sex and feel like they don’t fit in. They want the opportunity to change and feel like they belong. Bashing someone for someone they want to be is wrong and we as people should not let it stand.

One of the most famous incidents was in December 1993, the rape and murder of a young, transgender boy known as Brandon Treena. Brandon was raped and murdered by two of his friends after they found out he was born a female. These events were internationally known when told in the film “Boys Don’t Cry” by Hilary Swank.

Hate crimes against transgender people are most common. As an example, in Fostoria in 2016, a graduating student wanted to walk as a girl and they told him no due to the embarrassment it could cause. Inaction with police or even other government officials leads to suicide of transgender victims. Some ideas to end gender identity bashing could be as simple as supporting friends and even family. Provide them with emotional support. Improving schools by making sure they have strong anti-harassment and bullying policy that includes gender identity or even sticking up for them and their beliefs in our community. Simple things like this could make a big change in the world and even in our community. Overall, gender is just a word and we as people, as a country, victimize that.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at or call me at (567) 220-6167.


Phylicia Mesna,