Giving makes a difference

You learned in Monday’s (June 18) editorial, titled “Politics does not govern giving,” that Americans gave $410 billion in charitable contributions last year. Let’s break that down a little more with information specific to giving in Ohio.

According to Philanthropy Ohio, Ohioans gave over $8 billion to charities in 2017. Of that amount, $5.85 billion was given by individuals, with one in four Ohioans reporting charitable giving on their tax returns. That does not include charitable gifts by the more than 75 percent who do not itemize, or unrecorded giving such as leaving coins in red kettles, participation in charity races or gifts to food, toy or clothing drives. The remainder of charitable contributions came from Ohio’s more than 3,500 grant-making foundations.

Tiffin Community Foundation is one of 67 community foundations spread across Ohio. In 2017, your gifts to the community foundation amounted to more than $1 million to build funds that will make grants and award scholarships back into your community for years to come. Grants and scholarships to students and non-profit organizations in Seneca County in 2017 totaled over $700,000.

The act of giving is important to all of us. Why? Because giving benefits not only the beneficiary, but also the giver. Volunteering has been proven to make us feel happier, less depressed and more positive. Giving to causes that we are personally effected by gives us a sense of control. Keep up the good work, Seneca County residents! Your giving is making a difference in your community!

Jodie Reinbolt,

executive director,

Tiffin Community Foundation