Don’t ignore facts

Why are the facts about wind turbines being ignored? Fact: They are being put up by a Canadian company. The money to put them up is coming from the taxpayer. The rush to get many of them up as soon as they can is so they can get the production tax credit from the federal government which is our tax dollar. Fact: Wind turbines are not efficient; studies say 40 percent at best. Fact: Ohio has poor wind compared to other states that makes the cost of generation higher here and increases the need for more and larger turbines to be placed in less area. Fact: Wind leases are typically sold multiple times after the projects are started, often to foreign investors. The tax money they promise to fix our schools? Did anyone’s property tax go down when the lottery promised the same thing? Fact: The utility companies will be forced to buy the electric produced, whether they need or want it, by more government rules. I believe our tax money can be put to much better use than to line the pockets of a few select individuals. Fact: Big wind and the government do not have our best interest in mind.

John Schultz,