Conflict isn’t worth the money

I’d like to say up front that I’m against the proposed wind farm in Seneca County. I’ll state the reason later. What I do find interesting in the debate about the wind farm is it seems that those here in the Old Fort School District who oppose the wind farm are the same folks who are against any kind of levy for our schools. And those who are for the wind farm think the schools will benefit financially from the wind farm. How’s the school’s “casino” money working out? And then you have the farmers who feel they will make money off a turbine on their property, while it will lower the property’s value. We hear people complain about property rights, but ignore the rights of property owners who don’t want a turbine on their property. All the things I’ve stated above are valid reasons to support or reject the wind farm. Everyone, whether for or against, sounds like hen that just laid an egg and wants everyone to know about it.

I completely understand folks wanting to get money for our schools. In the past, we have had board members that thought their “agenda” should override the wishes of their constituents. Thankfully, those members have either been voted out or moved on to be commissioner, who, by the way, still doesn’t listen to her constituents. We now have a fiscally responsible school board that has been showing some real oversight into the operations of the district so maybe we should consider a levy if need be. But to depend on money from the wind farm folks sounds irresponsible to me.

I completely understand the farmers, as well. They are in a business that is unpredictable at best. Weather, markets and things not under their control can be devastating to their financial security. It sounds great to have a turbine with guaranteed income and no operating costs. But really there is a cost. And I don’t just mean property values. Friendships may be lost. Commissioner Mike Kerschner, I believe, said something like this wind farm is pitting neighbors against neighbors and family against family. Sometimes we have to realize how precious our friendships are.

Why am I against the wind farm? You have to draw a line somewhere. When I drive to Van Wert and see the wind farm there, it just makes me sick. The beauty of rural America is gone in Van Wert. It’s not much different than driving around a big city, with all those unnatural turbines sprouting up everywhere. I don’t know about the noise or the dangers or the affects on wildlife or everything else I’ve heard about and frankly don’t believe half of. I’m just disgusted that we may have to ruin our friendships, family relationships and our beautiful rural area because of the all-mighty dollar.

Ed Kirchner,

rural Green Springs