We all are neighbors

I am writing this letter as a lifelong resident of Seneca County. I am totally opposed to wind turbines in Seneca County. They are unsightly, invasive and hazardous in so many ways to people, property and animals (domestic and wild).

I encourage everyone to read Deb Hay’s article in Wednesday’s edition of The Advertiser-Tribune (page 6A) for some great information about wind turbines.

In discussing these wind turbines with my Tiffin friends, many are not concerned because these wind turbines are not in their backyard. I really think they miss the point. We are all neighbors. We are all residents of Seneca County. These wind turbines will affect us all because they adversely affect so many of us.

We, our children and grandchildren will regret that hundreds of these nearly 600-foot wind turbines (taller than the Washington Monument) will be located in our scenic rural areas. Our beautiful skyline will be forever changed.

But it is not too late! Please join me in attending the Seneca Anti-Wind Union presentation at the Attica Fairgrounds Entertainment Hall at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Steve C. Shuff,

Eden Township