Listen to Seneca Anti-Wind Union

We are lifelong residents of Seneca County. We raised our family, built our dream home, worked and invested into our community.

It was only recently that we learned that county leadership and our elected officials had decided to pursue industrial wind farms for the county. Industrial wind farms are rapidly becoming unpopular as concerned residents learn more about the impacts these projects have on our communities.

At stake includes the surrendering of private property rights, threats to the environment, destruction of our scenic landscape and devaluation of our property investments.

Industrial wind farms are nothing more than “big industry” that is vehemently pursuing subsidies as they aggressively lobby state and local elected officials in rural areas to agree and allow them to construct their widely unpopular projects.

The industry has a pattern of covertly moving into communities and cutting financial deals with a select few at the expense of their neighbors. A few neighbors no doubt stand to financially profit from these arrangements, but the rest of us residents stand to lose so much that makes us proud to call Seneca County our home. The pitting of neighbor against neighbor is a behavior in which industrial wind repeatedly engages.

I encourage others to learn more about the truths involving industrial wind projects and the concerns expressed by fellow community members by exploring the Seneca Anti-Wind Union at its Facebook page ( or one of its public information meetings.

The rapidly growing grassroots organization is made up of concerned citizens working to warn others of the dangers industrial wind projects pose for Seneca County.

Anthony and Dian West