Renew the TCS levy

First and foremost, we would like to start by thanking the Tiffin community for the continued support of Tiffin City Schools. Our community has supported this particular renewal levy since 2004, which provides 6 percent of our general funding and allows us to maintain our current level of programming. Tiffin City Schools are committed to working with our city government, business and industry partners and social services agencies in order to improve our community and provide an excellent education for the students we serve.

Tiffin City Schools is focused on continuing improvement of educational programming through innovative and forward-thinking initiatives that will be beneficial to our community. A few examples of these initiatives include the recent changes that provide students entering high school the chance to earn aligned college credit that will lead to opportunities in high-demand, high-quality professions. Additionally, we continue to offer online, distance learning classes through Virtual High School. While there is a cost to the district, students and families save money by finishing college earlier.

Another example of our focus on improvement is the fact our teachers are collaborating on a regular basis to ensure our students are learning and achieving at their full potential. Our academic achievement has improved with evidence coming from our fall third-grade English language arts testing and the percentage of our students earning A’s and B’s in our classrooms. We know that our strong focus and the accountability process we put in place will continue to allow us to see positive gains in student growth.

There are many factors that contribute to the growth of our students and we feel that students will perform better if they know they are in a safe environment. We have increased our mental health services and have been discussing the hiring of a school resource officer as well as an additional counselor. This can only be maintained through revenues we currently receive.

These services and more, which are provided to the boys and girls of Tiffin City Schools, require an investment from our community. This investment comes in the form of a renewal levy vote May 8. Here are some figures to consider: This levy raises $1,640,000, which is $628 per pupil; the requested tax rate is 4.2 mills, which is approximately $129 per $100,000 in property value; and, most importantly, your taxes will not increase if this levy is renewed.

Because many of our expenditures are fixed, losing this revenue would greatly impact the quality of education provided to our students. Continuing to improve the quality of education our students receive is critical to keep the Tiffin community moving forward. For this reason, it is tremendously important to support our school by voting “yes” to renew the Tiffin City Schools levy May 8.

Gary Barber, superintendent,

Sharon Perry, treasurer,

Tiffin City Schools