Not in my backyard

I have a question. Regarding the April 13 A-T article titled “Officials Back Wind Turbine Bill,” the officials noted in the article who are on record of supporting the proposed Republic and Seneca Wind farm projects included State Rep. Bill Reineke, County Commissioner Holly Stacy, County Commissioner Mike Kerschner, County Commissioner Shayne Thomas and SIEDC President David Zak.

My question is, How close is the nearest proposed wind turbine site to the homes of each of these public officials?

I can tell you that if the changes as proposed with SB 238 are passed, I will have a turbine located just more than 400 yards from my house. I do not support the proposed changes to the existing “setback” rule that basically changes the minimum distance from a turbine to the nearest adjacent property line to the nearest inhabited residence. This proposed change to the law has a major effect on how many turbines can be constructed in a given area and their physical location relative to other land owner’s property.

It is easy for a public official to support projects that negatively affect others but not themselves directly. It would really be interesting to see how many of these same public officials would support the project if they were going to have a wind turbine 400 yards from their house. I already know the answer.

I am not necessarily opposed to the wind farm projects in general even though it is a well-known fact that wind is not economically competitive without subsidies, but all I ask is that we respect the current law and the rights of adjacent property owners. I urge the public to contact their elected officials in opposition of SB 238.


Greg Smith,