Decide for yourself

Decide for yourself

A growing number of Seneca County residents are doing their homework and have found that Big Wind is not all it promises to be. This is an industry that could not exist without heavy government subsidies. If it is the wonderful thing that some of our politicians claim it is, shouldn’t it be able to sustain itself?

Economics aside, there are other problems. These industrial complexes (“farms” is a misnomer) are responsible for shadow flicker, loud noises, low-frequency vibrations, killing of bats and raptors such as eagles, and loss of property values near the site. Do you realize that in addition to the leases, the wind industry also is paying out “hush money” (a.k.a., good neighbor agreements)? Again, if this is such a wonderful thing, why are the companies paying people not to complain?

Commissioner Shayne Thomas claims that “the project is an issue between a private company and private landowners who choose to participate in it.” (The Advertiser-Tribune, April 13). I beg to differ, Mr. Thomas. The issue also involves those who choose NOT to participate in it, but have to suffer the effects of it.

A way of life and the landscape of our county could be forever changed unless those who are against the proposed industrial complex start speaking up. I recommend you take the time to read “In the Shadow of Wind Farms” — Gatehouse Media, Dec. 13, 2017 ( and decide for yourself if that is what you want for Seneca and Sandusky counties.

Heidi Brodman,

rural Tiffin