Society, parents failed

I just finished reading the letter from Ginny Bursa, and I agree with everything she stated. Her research is appreciated and needed. I believe abortion could be cut down if only people knew how the abortion is performed. I once stated in a letter to the editor how it is done (which was a mild explantation), but was edited out of my letter. How can so many disgusting shows on TV get raving reviews which are accepted as funny, normal and show no modesty (cover your ears and eyes, kids), but the explanation of how abortions are performed is wrong? If you can’t stand to see a chicken cut up, just imagine in your mind how babies are killed. I will never understand how another human can slaughter a helpless, precious baby. How they can sleep at night and not have nightmares?

There will be a day we will all stand before our maker and get our just do.

OMG, another school shooting in Florida and is now on the national news. Today is Wednesday, Feb. 14, a day of love and kindness, joy and peace, which just doesn’t seem possible in our wonderful country of America these things continue to happen.

Many students and teachers were shot, and 17 died. Who is to blame for all this crazy behavior? Are we, as parents, not teaching our children that life is one of the most precious gifts God has given us, or are we, as parents, giving kids the time they need with us to form that wonderful bond we all need? Or is it the use of drugs, I-don’t-care-about-anything-or-anyone-but-me attitude, no one cares about me or cares what I do. There are so many reasons why kids kill — killing even their parents or grandparents out of anger or a want of money?

I believe the killing of babies may have a lot to do with this problem. If we don’t care if babies live or die, then what is the big deal if another person kills who they want too? Things in our country have to change, any one of us could be the next victim. Pray … pray … pray.

Linda Hayman,