Right to Life appreciates signature support

We wish to thank The Advertiser Tribune for space in support of Right to Life. Also, a big “thank you” to Michelle Steinmetz at The A-T for all of her assistance.

We want to thank Laura Haines, who so graciously made posters to display at St. Mary and St. Joseph parishes before and during our signature collection weekend.

We appreciate those who willingly collected signatures Jan 6-7, they are: Patricia Claydon, Don and Jean Kin, Betty Smith, Mary Swartz, Alma Frankforther, Karen Irving, Joyce McKinney, Mary Ellen Kennedy, Diane and Daryl Moyer, Delbert and Chris Schank, the Weingart family, David and Ginny Bursa, Tim Bazar, Chris Baltzell, Lori Smith, Marilyn Anderson and Emily Hammer.  

We thank Jane Schalk for collecting New Reigel signatures, Becky Gregg collecting St. Pius signatures and Jan Sampson, who collected the signatures sent to the Tiffin RTL post office box.

In closing, a very sincere “thank you” to everyone who publically showed their support by donating and adding their names to our RTL ad, which was in The Advertiser-Tribune Sunday.

We pray that soon we no longer will need to place this ad, as our country will become a country that respects life … from conception to natural death.


Kathy and Jim Spaun,