Wind turbines no big deal

Don’t understand what the big deal is about wind turbines. Why are they more of an eyesore than huge transformer stations, high-tension wires and huge cellphone towers? What else would be in all this flatness? Nothing, empty fields. I come from coal country in Pennsylvania. The foothills of the Appalachians. On a visit home recently, I was on top of a peak, 2,700 feet, looking out over a beautiful valley. Across that valley on peaks in the distance are wind turbines. There is one up the road from my grandma’s old house. Big deal. We need them. They work much better when there’s good wind.

I wish people would worry what goes on in that big valley we drove down into, more than wind turbines. That valley has huge Amish dairy farms with beautiful spring-fed trout streams running through all their farms. Saw those dairy cows standing right in those streams and they don’t climb ashore to pee. Even if you know where the spring comes from the ground, you can’t drink the water. I’m told the trout are OK to eat. Let’s hope so. I’ve eaten them my entire life. My brother helps keep those streams, or “cricks,” as they call them, in pristine shape. People come from Ohio to fly fish there.

My family will tell you coal is done and gone. Those wind turbines don’t hurt one thing on mountain tops that were all taken off with invasive strip-mining.

Debra Woods,