Disgusted and concerned

Nobody respects those who abuse the authority they have been elected to have. I am so disgusted and concerned about the activities occurring at the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office. Our elected sheriff has no regard for integrity, safety or the well being of his employees. The most recent event that really has me scratching my head is that our sheriff has determined it to be acceptable to hire a repeat offender as a correctional officer – an officer in the very facility he was once incarcerated in. How would you feel to be working alongside an officer you once looked after as an inmate?

This is just the tip of the cake to the “good ol’ boys” philosophy our sheriff works under. Recently settled was a breech in contract in which the sheriff hired and promoted an employee who was not only not qualified for the position, but forced to resign from his last job for openly lying in court. Why would we want a deputy on the road who’s word could never stand in court?

As a community, we elect this individual to run the department and essentially entrust him to keep our officers and deputies in a safe working environment. I feel he is failing substantially at his job, and the community needs to know.

Kendra Gooding,


Editor’s note – The correction officer referenced above was convicted of misdemeanor violations, the most recent in 1999.