Bouquets, Aug. 2

Thanks for supporting Seneca County Fair

Another fair has come and gone. Hard to believe summer is almost over! The fair was a great success yet again, and the 4-H and FFA youths outdid themselves with their projects. The livestock sale was also a huge success, growing in sale numbers yet again!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who helped make the Junior Fair livestock sale a success. The entire sale is staffed by volunteers, some parents of present 4-H and FFA youth, some of past members and some area business leaders.

These individuals give up two days to show their support of the youth of Seneca County. The days are long and the work monotonous at times, but they do it because they understand just how important 4-H and FFA programs are. They understand these kids have put in long hours and days to get to this point.

The volunteers who help me make the sale what it is have a variety of jobs, from clerking the sale, to invoicing and inputting information, lining up the youth, to checking animals out of the fair. Nothing goes unnoticed by me.

I also would like to thank all the buyers who come and support the youth. You, too, understand the importance of 4-H and FFA. Your support of the exhibitors is greatly appreciated. Again, thank you.

Megan Fredritz,

livestock sale coordinator

A tip of the baseball cap

On behalf of the Ohio Travelers Independent Minor League baseball team, I would like to take time to thank many people and organizations. The Ohio Travelers were the traveling team in the IBL, but the players called the Tiffin area their home. We just completed our successful season by winning the first championship, and we owe many thanks to our fans and supporters.

First, the city of Tiffin should be very proud to have hosted players from all over the United States and even the world, as players came from many states and foreign countries. The Travelers had two Japanese players, several players from states from the East to West coasts, and a couple of local players.

Many families hosted players on the Travelers and Saints. I want to recognize our host families for the Travelers, as they provided many important benefits to the players. Frank Haubert, Anne Kelley, the Siesloves, and Dan and Connie Way – you did an amazing job for our players.

I would like to thank the many businesses that sponsored our team, especially the two main sponsors for our team, Bob Stine of GW’s Fine Food and Spirits and Ron Stine of Stiney’s Three Oaks. Bob and Ron and their staffs were always doing something to support the Travelers team.

Several individuals, including Paul Krupp, always had time and support for our players, helping them out with many things. Michelle Zeiter, Millie Dick and Dorothy Runkle made sure the players had food and water for every game. Without their continued support, I’m not sure we would have been so successful.

I especially want thank Athletic Director Matt Palm of Heidelberg University for working with us to have a great place to play baseball. The Berg’s Peaceful Valley was an excellent place to play, and met the needs for a minor league play.

I feel the best aspect of our season was the awesome coverage The A-T sports department of Zach Baker and Tony Maluso gave to us each and every week of the season. The photographs, articles and interviews highlighting our team were remarkable, and I know everyone who read the sports section knew of our league because of your coverage.

Again, thanks to so many people who helped make our season successful, and if I missed thanking anyone, I apologize, as there were so many people who helped us throughout the summer.


Jay Zeiter, manager,

Ohio Travelers