Thanks for helping with St. Joseph Festival

The 2014 St. Joseph Festival Steering Committee would like to thank all the booth chairpersons and everyone who volunteered their time to work at the festival.

We would like to thank Mollie Bremyer, Mary Claire Griffin and Chris Baltzell and the pre-sale workers for the valiant efforts in raising more than $6,000 before the festival even started! Special “thank yous” go to: Roger and Jane Perry and family; Pat and Vickie Lauer and crew; Dan Roessner; Tom and Margie Daniel, and Denny Behm and crew; Regina Reamer and crew; Pat Schultz; Ron and Linda Frank and crew; Amy Bores and crew; Barb Gosche and crew; Brad Radison and crew; Dave and Ginny Bursa and crew; Joe and Susan Reinhart; Dave and Rose Horn; Jim and Kris Wise; Rick and Amy Recker; Joe Breiner; Smith Family Frosted Foods and the Smith Family; S&S Variety Beverages and the Swartz family; the Stover and Al-Zakwani families; Wayne and Sara Wax, and Tori and Todd Harris and crew; Theresa Szablewski and crew; Paul Berman and crew; Shawn Vallery of the Tiffin Police Department; Seislove’s Burial Vaults; K of C; and All Ohio Tent Rental.

So many of these people give of themselves so generously year after year – give their time, their knowledge and experience, and the festival could not be a success without them; we appreciate their many talents and their sacrifices to help make this event possible.

We also would like to thank Jack Distel, Dave Kraft, Linda Bowers, Diane Horn and Jean Haren for their help. We want to thank all the booth sponsors and all the benefactors who donated goods and services to the festival. We want to thank Father Joe Szybka for his support and his many prayers for good weather! We owe a huge thank you to our children, who put in many hours of really hard work and did anything and everything we asked them to do, realizing this benefits them and all the students at CCS.

We want to thank the people of St. Joseph and St. Mary’s parishes and the Tiffin community for coming out to enjoy the festival. It was truly an honor to be a part of such a grand endeavor with so many amazing people – we hope we didn’t forget anyone, we truly appreciated every effort that was made to help make this year’s festival a success. We are looking forward to serving again next year and having even more fun and making more memories! We are very glad we didn’t say “no” to Father Joe.

Thank you!

2014 Festival Steering Committee: Jeremiah and Carrie Aigler, Andy and Maria Hemminger, Matt and Michele Kennedy, Greg and Lori Smith, Justin and Amanda Wagner