Vote to renew the TCS levy

Growing up as the daughter of a 35-year high school teacher and coach, education was a primary focus in our family. I was fortunate to grow up in a big school district (Elyria) that was opening new schools to serve the growing community. We had many educational opportunities that I took advantage of including band, choir, sports, a variety of clubs, leadership roles; as well as, great teachers and advanced classes. Because of the great opportunities of that school district, I was able to apply to Bowling Green State University and was admitted to a program that no freshman had been allowed into before school even began that fall. That’s what great schools can do for our children.

Now married and living in Tiffin for 32 years, I have watched my children grow up in Tiffin City Schools. They had the same opportunities that I had growing up. How fortunate we are that our children can choose band, choir, sports, advanced classes and wonderful teachers and programs. I have been a substitute teacher for more than 12 years in Tiffin City Schools and see first-hand the education our children are obtaining. From distinction on state report cards, to the amount of scholarships our graduates receive, to the minute-by-minute instruction your children receive each day. The opportunities Tiffin City Schools give to our children truly are endless.

Decisions made by the administration and the board of education are made with the best interest of our children in mind. In my mind, I can only support our children as I think about their future and the future of the city of Tiffin. I love seeing these graduates come back and visit as young adults as they now tell me about the value of the education they received from the Tiffin City Schools and how it enhanced their opportunities in work and college.

Tiffin schools: Great schools! Great students! Great future! Vote “yes” for the Tiffin City School levy May 6.

Molly Lofton,