Success story, thanks to TCS

Thank you, residents of Tiffin City Schools, for providing me with an excellent education.

As a student at Clinton Elementary, I participated in Heights, which introduced me to research. Writing the required 150 notecards was tedious, but I am grateful for the opportunity to independently find and organize information.

As a student at Columbian High School, I practiced my skills at two science fairs and discovered my love for science. I took every science class but one that Columbian offered.

As a freshman at Heidelberg University, I am pursuing degrees in biology and chemistry with a pre-medical concentration. I plan to become a specialized surgeon. I am a member of the honors program, Chemistry Club, Pre-Professionals Club and an honorary society. I visited Dallas for a National American Chemical Society Conference, where I learned about graduate schools, research, opportunities in chemistry, as well as discoveries chemists are making.

Visiting the conference emphasized the importance of independent research as an undergraduate. Many students do not have experience doing research, but TCS provided me with this background.

My previous education helped me inside the classroom, too.

Because I took advanced placement biology with Mr. Monsour, I was put into a sophomore-level biology class as a college freshman. After the first exam, my professor asked me what biology class I had already taken because she wished all of her students had the same knowledge as me.

I often know of topics other students have never heard of.

Because I took advanced placement calculus at Columbian with Mrs. Pauly, who always put in extra hours with her students, I did not have to take calculus at Heidelberg.

Coming to college with credit earned in high school allowed me more time to experience other classes in college. If I was only pursuing a degree in biology, I would be able to graduate a year early due to my credit from Columbian. However, I made the choice to use my extra time to get a second degree in chemistry.

When I become a medical professional, I plan to give back to the community that provided me with a public education. I encourage each of you to support more student success by voting to renew the Tiffin City Schools levy.

Allison Perry,