Recipe for success

A few years ago, voters of Hopewell-Loudon School District were presented a building campaign titled “Celebrating 70 years, Building for 70 more.” This campaign asked voters to pass a bond issue for a new K-12 facility in which our students would be educated.

As levy chairman, I had the opportunity to work with many individuals in an effort to pass this issue. We were fortunate to witness the dedication of the voters who voted in favor of this building. During a time when many school bond issues failed, our district’s voters showed their H-L pride by passing the bond during a major economic downturn. A few years later, I had the opportunity to speak at the dedication of the new school. While preparing my speech, I thought about all of the individuals that made Hopewell-Loudon what it has been for the past 70-plus years. Each group of individuals – including board members, administrators, teachers, support staff, voters, parents and students – is part of the recipe for a successful school district. Omit any of those groups, and the recipe isn’t complete. Compare it to milk chocolate for example. The recipe calls for cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, powdered sugar, milk, salt and water. Remove any of the ingredients and it’s not chocolate as we know it. In fact, it could be quite bitter.

The voter in this recipe has been a key ingredient in the success of the district for the past 70-plus years. We, the voters, make the final choice of whether or not to continue following this recipe. For the past 70-plus years, this recipe was followed in order to provide a quality education that prepared our students for lifelong success while dealing with changes in society, funding structures, district needs and state requirements. This past August, we began the “next 70-plus years” at H-L in our beautiful new facility. Please join me in being a key ingredient for our district by voting “yes” on May 6th. In doing so, we can proudly say that we are providing for the education the students of Hopewell-Loudon so richly deserve.

Chris Daniel,