Thank you to a select few

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Jeff Hoyda, Chris Widman and Randy Schwartz for their decision to table the opening of the old Lincoln Elementary School for the use as the new Tiffin Learning Center and stopping the drive by a few board members and administration to completely defund Family Learning Center before all the costs have been reviewed and to see that this is not a viable project.

I think what a lot of us, myself included, had forgotten was that last year, Tiffin City School District received a “D” from the Ohio Department of Education for its value-added students with disabilities section of its annual report card. Now, I know if my son or daughter receives a “D” on a subject, they are grounded and lose all privileges they have, yet here are a few within this administration who believe a “D” is an acceptable grade and that they can take on special needs preschoolers.

What are they thinking? What makes them think they can do it better? If they cannot properly add value to our older special-needs students, what makes them think they can do it better than what Family Learning Center is doing?

Please let your voices be known to these select few on the board and the administrative offices that this is unacceptable behavior and we as parents, educators and the general public will not stand for it. There is a special board meeting at 7 p.m. today for the board to vote on this and we need to stand together and bring in as many as we can from the public to let our voices be heard.

Over the past few weeks, this has consumed me because our Wyatt WILL be treated just like every other kid no matter what his disabilities are. He has every right to have the best education possible, and I will not allow money to be a driving force to take that away from him!

Brandon Amory,