Help a neighbor

Have you been between a rock and a hard place? Of course you have. We all have. However, someone in our community is in an unbelievable spot, and needs your help.

You have undoubtedly seen the announcement in The Advertiser-Tribune regarding the fundraiser May 1 at Camden Falls for Kevin Simpkins. He is an employee at the newspaper, has two children (one of whom is in college, the other in high school) and has been diagnosed with cancer.

Kevin is like one of my kids. He and my younger sons grew up together and is considered part of our family. He has been a great dad and for the first time in his life, was able to buy a house last year.

A few months ago, he was diagnosed with cancer, had many tests, MRIs, PET scans, etc., and finally had surgery. It was determined he needed radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Obviously, it was necessary to miss a lot of work, thus his income was greatly reduced.

He had no health insurance. So, in January, he applied for Medicaid but to date has not been accepted. The hospital that would administer the radiation therapy and chemo will not start the treatments until there is assurance payment will be made by someone. In the meantime, he is very concerned that if treatment is not begun, the cancer will grow.

The medical bills are mounting – more than $50,000 at the present time. He needs the support of our community to help him and his family. Please plan to attend the fundraiser May 1 and if anyone wishes to make donations in lieu of attending the fundraiser, please do so in care of The Advertiser-Tribune.

Another thought – it seems to me he could use some legal advice, so if anyone in the legal field could give him some assistance, I’m sure he would be grateful.

Our community has always been so generous in helping local people in need. I know this will also be a time when we come together to help our Tiffin neighbor. We never know if or when our own lives could be in similar circumstances.


Janice Fry,