Decision has impact

Is everyone aware of the impact that the recent decision to open Lincoln school as a preschool will have on the children of the community?

It would appear this is more about saving money than meeting the needs of children. Twenty years ago, the community worked incredibly hard to form a collaboration between agencies to build Family Learning Center and provide exceptional education … all services to a population of children that are at a critical age for learning. This is a program that other counties recognized as exceptional and effective, and attempted to emulate.

I fear the decision made by Tiffin City Schools may be the demise of FLC. Those of you who do not have young children may not appreciate the level of services FLC provides to typical, as well as special needs, youths. However, ask any parent who has been served by FLC and you will quickly learn.

Tiffin City Schools does not appear to recognize the credentials of the current FLC staff and their longevity with FLC. FLC must be doing something incredibly right! I certainly am not privy to all the discussion and planning that went into this decision, but I feel confident when I say it was done without input from the administrators from FLC and the collaborative agencies. They read about it in The Advertiser-Tribune, just like you and I did.

The average citizen just doesn’t understand the repercussions. So even if TPS has good intentions, it certainly has not impressed this citizen with its professionalism. I challenge citizens of Tiffin to ask questions and get the whole story. Something is amiss. Freddie Larson, Bob Brickner, Lee Lichtle, Lisa Stull and Chuck Wolf – we need you.

Kathy Smith,