Checking on loved ones and neighbors in winter

The Ohio Department of Aging released information in response to the winter weather we’ve had. We’re in Ohio; it’s January; it’s time for snow and ice and just plain winter weather. Many of us are prepared for this change in our seasons; some – not so much. So we may need to help some of our friends and family.

A few things we may want to check in the home:

Is the heating system working OK?

Can the temperature in the home be kept at comfortable levels for the occupants?

Is the heating system being used – or does it pose fire risks or carbon monoxide poisoning risk?

Do they have an adequate food supply, and do they have food that can be prepared without power?

Do they have drinking water available if power goes out?

A couple things we want to check regarding a loved one’s health and safety:

Does he/she depend on oxygen, is it an automatic delivery?

Do they have adequate supply of any medications they may be prescribed?

Do they have someone identified to call for help if needed?

Do they have access to a phone in case power fails and the means to keep a cell phone charged if they have a cell phone?

You may have other things you want to add to this list. The important thing is that we watch out for our neighbors, friends and family.

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Nancy Cochran,

executive director