Have a happy holiday

I don’t understand what is so offensive about saying “happy holidays.” It’s that time of year again when we hear these arguments about how the government and the retail industry and pretty much everyone has waged this war on Christmas. I clearly missed the declaration of this war.

I recently had a discussion with my husband about this. His opinion was that people are upset that they aren’t allowed to say “merry Christmas,” not so much that “happy holidays” is offensive. So, who isn’t allowed to say “merry Christmas?” I have worked in retail and customer service in this area, in Toledo and in Dayton. I have never been told that I was not permitted to say “merry Christmas.” Quite the contrary. We all see the decorations and Christmas merchandise in the stores by Halloween! I don’t see that as anti-Christmas.

I don’t presume to know what somebody’s religious affiliations are simply by looking at them. So, unfortunately, I cannot tailor my holiday greeting based on their specific beliefs. Sometimes I’ll say “merry Christmas.” Sometimes I’ll say “happy holidays.” Sometimes I’ll say “happy Hanukkah.” Take it all for what it is: a warm wish of happiness during the holiday season. It seems to me that it’s the opposite of the “reason for the season” to thumb your nose at the well wishes of a stranger during the holiday season.

Stephanie Osborne,