Of, for and by the people

It is my understanding that part of the first floor of the former LaSalle’s building is occupied by the Seneca County Board of Elections. If the elections board relocates elsewhere, this area could be repurposed to become a courtroom. Also, the basement of the former LaSalle’s building is being used for storage – this could become another courtroom, plus the former Fifth Third building could become the third courtroom.

Spending money for a study of where and how to build a justice center is a waste of taxpayers’ money; the same as it is to pay for an engineering study of SR 53. There are professionals already employed by the state and the county who are capable of providing this information.

Most other counties had made a decision many years ago to either add on to or remodel their existing courthouses. It is unfortunate for current residents that so many major decisions were not made years ago. We don’t have a regional parks levy so we are ineligible for many thousands of dollars in grant money. There is a river wall that will need attention in the near future.

We should consider building a reservoir. We need a mandatory recycling program. We need to replace the two stoplights that were removed and to make the stoplight at Nelson and Miami streets fully function all the time. We should be asking the state to restore some of the funding it has cut, because it will be receiving federal funding for health care.

Squirrels are invading local property owners’ yards and tearing up lawns and gardens the last several years because mostly smaller trees are being planted in the city parks instead of oak trees. Government exists to help people. Let’s consider that.

Submitted by,

Robert Holzhauser,