Thanks for help with Safety week

On behalf of the students of Tiffin City Schools, we would like to thank the people who made our Safety Week project in September a success. The planning committee comprised of TCS administrators, the Tiffin Police Department and the Tiffin Fire Department developed a plan for implementation. It was a great joint effort to keep our children safe.

All students from Washington K-1 and Krout 2-3 were bused to the retired Lincoln Elementary School. They attended Safety City traffic school in the gym, classroom training on crosswalk and other safety measures, classroom time with the firemen teaching fire safety and practicing their previous bus safety training, to and from Lincoln.

With budget cuts taking place in all aspects of Tiffin, we would like to thank the Tiffin Area Safety Council and the TCS-K5-PTO for covering the costs of this project. We would also like to thank Officer Jared Watson and Mary Watson (his mom and retired TCS teacher) for their successful grant writing endeavor to fund the items needed for Safety City, such as the tricycles and materials for the buildings, signs and streets.

As well as providing funding, we also thank the Safety Council and the PTO for supplying staffing to help work with 120 students, per shift, combined! From the Safety Council, we had: John Detwiler from the Chamber of Commerce; Jim Hall from Quick Tab II; Lois Rex from Old Fort Bank; Jamie Wagner, Melissa Bowers and Mikki King from Community Hospice Care; Mike Landers and Nicole Mehling from Genex; Vince Arnold from Arnold Vending; Susan Phillips from Seneca County Agency Transportaion; and Kevin Knaup from PTS.

From the PTO we had Jackie Hausman, Ashlee Bland, Kathy and Chris Elchert, Meladie Croy, Amy Thacker, Heather Wilson, Brande Dull, Tina Newman, Jolene Autullo, Misty Cox, Ronnie Taylor, Natalie Rhoades, Kristi Johnston, Jaime Hurst, Colleen Halm, Kari Steele, Jennifer Everhart, Dawn Huffman, JoAnn King, Missy Weininger, Stacey Rhodes, Arin Bowles and Kimberly Banks. Also thank you to Tiffin City School personnel Scott Daniel and Terry Bogard for checking on us daily to make sure we had everything we needed, and Scott Urban for coordinating the entire teaching schedule.

We also need to thank our staffing crew. Thank you, Police Chief Fred Stevens and Fire Chief William Ennis, for letting us “borrow” your personnel. From the Tiffin Fire Department, we had Fireman “Too Way” Boeser, Fireman Gray, Fireman Gebauer and Fireman Corfman along with their fellow firemen popping in from time to time to lend support. Thank you, again, to Officer Jared Watson for creating Safety City, writing the grant, building the signs and buildings and for creating the PowerPoint presentation. Helping him were fellow officers Officer DeMonte and Officer Niedermier as instructors and Lt. Russell, Officer DeMonte and Officer Beutler for construction and set-up help. Also helping were the following community members from his Tiffin Citizens Academy Class: alumni members Jill Gosche, Mary Watson, Tim Bazar, James Starkey, Richard Hughes, Nathan Mowery and Rex Huffman. Other community members John and Inis Breidenbach, along with Barb Burkett, were also a great big help with staffing throughout the entire week!

Most of our main crew of workers stayed the entire day, every day. A special thank you goes out to them and Janet Molineaux of Subway. When Janet found out about the long donated days put in by everyone, she sent in breakfast muffins and cookies to start off our days and then sent in special boxed lunches for the crew our final two days. We really appreciated her generosity and support of this project! Also thank you again for the generosity of the TCS-K5-PTO’s arranging lunch and water for the crews so they could stay on site and be ready for the next round of students.


Dawn Iannantuono,

Tiffin City School Board