No interest in defaulting

Congressman Jim Jordan,

Oct. 16, you voted against a bill that would have temporarily re-opened the government and avoided a voluntary national default.

In other words, you voted to keep the government closed and send the United States into default. In my estimation, you placed your own political career above the best interests of our country.

As my congressman, you are supposed to represent my interests in Congress. I have no interest in closing the government and allowing it to default on its obligation to pay for bills that Congress has passed. I also don’t agree with Republicans threatening to default and close the government in an attempt to defund a health care law that was found to be Constitutional by the Supreme Court.

I know that being a leading member of the U.S. House’s conservative caucus restricts your ability to make some common-sense decisions; I also realize you were gerrymandered into a very conservative district in 2010. I am writing to tell you that the Ohioans in your district are more moderate than the positions you are currently taking.

Instead of worrying about getting “primaried” from the right, you need to concern yourself with getting outvoted by a challenger from the center.

I hope your experience over the last few weeks will convince you to moderate your positions.


Eric Knaplund,