Help sought for noble cause

The stewardship of a building – the former orphanage built in the ’50s, which later became the juvenile home – was given to Pastor Tracy Elder, who will be using it for her chaplain ministries. She will house, counsel, teach skills and help downtrodden people find work in the community. It is Tracy’s hope people under her care will find pride, hope and become successful members of our society again.

My family agreed to allow the building to be called the Raymond R. Brown Community Care Centre, and it is located next to the brand-new Seneca County Agency Transportation building on SR 100.

The building has been gutted and is in the process of renovation. It will be a friendly, homey place where people can find calmness, solace, cleanse their minds and ease the emotional turmoil they may be in.

The outside of the building is being painted and my idea is to paint murals on the outside which reflect Ray’s love for nature and inner peace.

My mural vision consists of many trees, mountains, lakes, wildflowers, benches, deer and wolves, and a bunch of oak trees which he loved so much.

If King Ludwig of Bavaria could use art students from the art academy of Munich to paint the inside of his grandiose castle Neuschwanstein, I think I should be able to find some people who can help paint some murals on a building which is only one-story tall, and surely some “kids” can even paint the walls as well.

I know there have to be some Michelangelos out there.

So now I’m looking for people who might be willing to help out or can guide me to such artists.

The once-depressed and heartbreaking building can be turned into a happy building a showplace for Seneca County.

I understand a lot of planning has to be done for this idea to become reality. I’m looking to start the project next spring.

And of course I will reimburse with springerlies!

If you are able to help in this noble cause, please contact me at (567) 220-6203 or

Respectfully submitted,

Karin Brown,