Best story not talked about

I am writing about the best sports story of the year, not being talked about, the Hopewell-Loudon golf team. Yes, I know in a town where football is king, talking about a golf team may seem strange, but this is why I believe this story is important.

It was not that long ago that this school’s golf team went the whole year without winning one match and finished close to last in every invite. Bob Mauer never gave up on coaching and the kids never stopped playing, and golf survived one bad season after another.

The two seniors, Jarid Gelinas and Aric Creeger, helped lead the change. Juniors Bryce Gorrell and Garrett Sendelbach and sophomore Ryan Blaser, along with freshman Cody Kirian, have set a new school record for low team score of 316. Bryce also set a new school individual record of 67. They are undefeated in match play and have won the last two invites. This is in spite of the support golf gets in this area.

They were 40 minutes late for the MAL Divisional Shootout in Carey Sept. 9 because the school did not have a bus driver available to take them until 15 minutes after the shootout was set to start. The other league coaches were nice enough to hold off the start until the league-leading team could arrive. The boys hopped off the bus and, without swinging a club or practicing a putt, won. The second part of the MAL Shootout was rescheduled to allow our team to get there and they arrived with 4 minutes to spare, and won. Of course no one knew about this because not one word was printed about it in the local papers. The third part of the final MAL Golf Championship will be played today at Green Hills, and these boys are focused of winning this last title. If you know someone from Hopewell-Loudon, congratulate them on their golf team. Maybe get people talking. …

Robin Gorrell,