A pair of rebuttals

A “Birther” and a “Truther” in the same paper? Interesting.

To the Truther: We do not need to give credence to people who believe our government demolished the World Trade Center. All your assertions have been disproved. We have numerous videos of the planes striking the buildings, and the man who actually built the buildings and knew them better than any of your “experts” has categorically stated the towers fell due to damage an high temperature fires caused by high volumes of jet fuel and flammable material inside the building.

I will take his word over crackpot conspiracy theories. As much as I disliked President George W. Bush, I do not believe he or our government is capable of committing an act like this and not be caught at it.

To the Birther: I’m offended by your letter and I don’t feel any pity for you! As a self-employed person, you have enough money to be able to shell out $1,176 or $1,425 a month for health care? You must be doing pretty well, considering that is more than many people working full time take home each month.

As a self-employed person myself, I could never afford that kind of monthly outlay and still pay all my other bills. I can’t afford to have health care or go to the doctor! How lucky you are that you can. Maybe you should be grateful instead of complaining! And, as for blaming President Barack Obama, I would advise you to stop listening to right-wing hate media and educate yourself by either looking online for the article that was in Time magazine that showed why your health care costs so much, or be a socialist and go to the library and find a copy of the printed magazine. They have it. You’ll find Obama and Obamacare has little to do with it. It’s the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies and the boards that run the hospital systems … for profit … lots of profit. They are gouging you, thanks to Republicans preventing them from being regulated. Your “free market” at work.

When I worked for companies and was compelled to have health insurance, because of the greedy insurance companies, I never benefitted one single bit from it – money down the toilet. I paid and got nothing. And that is the direction your Republican pals want to take us back to. Notice their “repeal and replace” is now just “repeal” because they have no viable alternative. You people who can get checkups, needed medicines and all the rest, and not have to worry about hundreds or thousands of dollars in bills you can’t pay and still complain should take a look at how good you have it; especially, in this town, at this time. Some of us can’t afford to go to the doctor or get medicine when we are sick. If the insurance is a financial hardship for you, do what your Republican friends suggest and get a second job to pay for it. You must not be working hard enough. Other than that, I would bet your financial level is above what will qualify for any assistance; meaning, you don’t need it, don’t deserve it.

Scott Edmondson,