Drone warfare unjust

In the July issue of “Sojourners,” there are several enlightening articles; one by Duane Shank, who explains, “Under Christian ethics, drone warfare is neither just nor moral.”

An article by David Swanson states how “Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., the world’s largest Christian University, became an evangelist for drone warfare!”

These articles prompt me to urge Christians to become more knowledgeable and vocal about U.S. drone warfare.

Another quote from Shank’s article should give all U.S. citizens something to ponder and pray about and become vocal to our government leaders. “Drones undermine U.S. security. Some have called them ‘al-Qaida’s best recruiting tool,’ as drone attacks anger targeted populations and are a factor in fostering violent actions against the U.S.”


Sister Julie Grote,