Cool heads prevail

Thank you, Jeff Wagner and Holly Stacy, for putting the brakes on the controversial $5 permissive tax. We are lucky to have some cool, level-headed elected officials in local government.

The idea we have to rush something like this through in order to get on the bandwagon reminds me of an infamous incident where we were told, “We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in it.” How soon we forget.

Corporate profits are up, average income is down. This proposed tax is to bring more business and industry to Seneca County. Why doesn’t business and industry step up to the plate instead of reaching into the pockets of working men and women who are struggling as it is?

Recently, I heard an elected official lament that some 300 jobs in the area are going begging because too many people are unable to pass the drug tests or are unwilling to give up unemployment benefits and other perks and go to work. We need a super two-lane to bring more jobs to the area that we can’t get people to fill?

Maybe we should address some other issues first. A drug test for unemployment and welfare might be a start. Also, a better starting wage/benefits and some apprenticeship programs instead of exploitation of the temp system. How about it, business and industry?

This is labeled a “permissive” tax, yet some are reluctant to put it on the ballot because they’re afraid it will fail. Duh! What part of permissive don’t they understand?

I’m also bothered by the “spin” put on the statistics. I drove this road both in Upper Sandusky and Tiffin year in and year out in all kinds of weather, and all shifts, from 1962-2005 and still use it almost daily.

Granted, SR 53 requires full attention from a driver, but I also know many of the accidents that occurred there resulted from driver error, mechanical failure, impaired driving, excessive speed, etc.

No public road is accident proof. And this is to be a “temporary” tax. I believe we have taxes on the books that date from the Civil War era that started life as “temporary.”

Work is ongoing on SR 53, even now, to make it safer. Why chase after federal matching funds which may or may not become available. (They never come without strings attached.) Looking at history, it is sometimes better to do nothing for a time than to quickly do something wrong.

As Commissioner Wagner pointed out recently, there has never been, nor will there ever be, a shortage of worthy causes to support.

D.F. Heimrick