Celebrate and protect unborn, too

Monday, NBA player Jason Collins came out as a homosexual. The response was outstanding.

Within hours, not only was there an overwhelming response from the media, but Michelle Obama personally tweeted her support, former President Bill Clinton gave his approval (ironically) and White House spokesman Jay Carney voiced words of congratulation. Even President Barack Obama praised Collins during a press conference Tuesday, and took the time to personally call the basketball player to express his pride in Collins’ actions.

What a comfort to know our president will take the time to contact a gay professional athlete who has summoned his courage and announced his sexual orientation. What a grand gesture by Mr. Obama, to ensure Collins would feel the warmth of the country’s approval of his homosexuality.

Another news story, of equal or perhaps greater grotesque significance, has emerged in recent weeks. It is a story which should have created a tsunami of reaction from the heart of America, but which has been largely understated by our mainstream media sources, and generally ignored by government officials.

It is disturbing that the name Jason Collins is likely more recognizable than that of Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell ran an abortion clinic, which has been likened to a “house of horrors,” in Philadelphia, and was charged with multiple counts of murder stemming from the deaths of four infants and one woman at his clinic. It has been argued that Gosnell, who performed late-term abortions on babies after 23 weeks of gestation, would at times deliver babies live, then proceed to “finish” the abortion by snipping the babies’ necks. There has been testimony in the case that babies born alive were seen moving and heard making sounds before Gosnell completed the “procedure.”

These babies were potentially viable children who, if given proper medical care, could have survived. Instead, their bodies were placed in boxes (at best) and disposed of.

The Gosnell case should stretch every moral fiber of America and spark outrage that children could be so brutally disregarded, not only by the monster who performed the abortions, but also by our media and public officials, who have given little attention to the case.

Five weeks after the trial began, Obama gave his first response to the Gosnell case. He simply declined to comment.

Shame on the Obama administration. Perhaps the souls of the children killed at the Gosnell clinic would have enjoyed a tweet of support or a shower of love, as Jason Collins received. Or perhaps a law of protection. Or perhaps even a moment of sorrow or horror.

And shame on our nation as a whole, which celebrates and fights to protect the rights of homosexuals, yet refuses to grant even basic humanity to our unborn.

Karen Kin,