Rewards outweigh risks

Open Letter to Commissioners

Subject: Permissive Tax

Ms. Holly Stacy

Mr. Jeff Wagner

Mr. Fred Zoeller

I have read with interest the recent articles about the proposed $5 permissive tax on registered vehicles. This is a bold and visionary proposal.

The purpose of this letter to to request your unanimous support of the permissive tax in order to position the county to take advantage of an opportunity to improve SR 53. As a retired business owner and resident of the county, I encourage you to demonstrate the leadership necessary to:

1. Improve the safety of the SR 53 roadway.

2. Link the county to the turnpike and interstate.

3. Position the county and region for needed economic growth.

4. Partner with the state of Ohio financially to receive a share of the $1.5 billion now in the appropriation process.

Based on the facts made available to me, the potential rewards for imposing the tax far outweigh the risks. There may not be much of a risk, as the commission can discontinue the fee at any time and reimburse the taxpayer.

I urge you to take a positive step forward for future generations rather than maintaining the “business as usual” approach of the past. It is important we provide incentives to retain our talented young people rather than see them seek opportunities outside the county and state. I may not live long enough to see the benefits, but am willing to invest in hopes my grandchildren will.

The governor’s door appears to be open to Seneca County on this issue. Please do not close it.

Thank you for your consideration.


Marvin King,